Went to one yesterday and another today…yesterday was a rope and drag them out by the hind feet one and today’s was a chicken catching, where the calves are sorted off a few in a small corral and husky young lads grab them and throw them down… I think this is where the term “calf wrasslers” came from… and these young fellers today tho’ maybe not having some of the skills of older more practiced hands had, dang sure had enthusiasm! 🙂 Good young fellers and by the end they mostly was dropping and holding them like pro’s… One of the last calves a leg got loose for a second ads I was cutting and I nicked my index finger on my left hand so I may not be playing guitar for a few days…all part of the game and it will be fine in a day or two…

Got my farming done this evening…. here’s some photo’s Cindy snapped





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