this morning. chance brought a new baby and his first calf heifer mother into the shed about 3:30… when i went out at 5 he was sucking. I found another heifer starting to calve so brought her in and put her in the other shed so as to not bother the other cow/calf…so far, not much change… I am going out in a few minutes (quarter after 7) and if she hasn’t made enough progress, I shall assist and by golly, that calf will be born! 🙂

Chance woke us at 3:30 to tell me what he had done and mentioned that Woody was goofy… well yeah! But when I saddled him and rode out to get the other heifer it went pretty slick! He is automatic! (Chance called while I was typing this and i asked why he thought he was goofy and he said it was because he would fall down on the ice trying to get a cow… now what the hell is wrong with that?! I love a horse who hates cows and wants to dominate them….)

7:55 am UPDATE….went out and helped her have a calf, pretty fair sized but I think she would have been fine if she had been out in a pasture on her own and it wasn’t so cold…. not real impressed with the heifer bull we used on these…

8 pm UPDATE ….Just had a cow calf… that makes 4 for the day… all seem to be doing well… wind has died down and it’s a bit cool but not all bad. I will check before bed at 10 or 11 and Chance and hope will handle it until i get up in the morning.. I picked up the calf i pulled this morning and I’d bet he weighed at least 80 pounds…not what I’d call a first calf heifer calf…my cows are smaller than most and this w=one has enough longhorn in her to be black and white but she is built like a larger Angus… I imagine she is only 1/8 or a 1/16 longhorn …she still might have had it, but I ain’t using that bull again on my cattle. Chance can on his heifers if he wants….

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