4 thoughts on “New saddle

  1. Did you re-use fenders off another saddle? They look stained already or did you just put lots of oil on em?

    Either way nice work Sir, nice work indeed.

    1. Yeah, these are the old sweat fenders and stirrup leathers of one i built last spring. When i sold it they were way too short for the guy who bought the saddle so i had to make new ones. If it wasn’t for the fact these older ones were half breed I doubt I would have made this saddle a half breed.

  2. Sweet!
    I picked up my grandpaw’s old saddle Wednesday. It is well over 100 yrs old. It is in really bad shape & dirty! Can’t ever be used again. But I’m going to try to clean it. Will just fix it for display w/cowgirl trailer!

  3. Looks good, Robert. Don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for a slick fork rig. But that’s a good looking saddle.

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