This mornin’…yesterday I caught up Wren and kept her in so after I fed (Sam rode along with me) I left Ron and Roz harnessed and caught Wren and put her between them in the stall, harnessed her and hooked her with Ron and drove her until she was doing good. Then I drove them back in thew barn, hooked Wren to Roz so she was on the other side and drove them around until she was doing good at it. I drove them back in, unharnessed and turned them all loose. Hopefully I can keep that up and then have Chance help me when he is home and we will hook to a wagon and take a trip. It’s handy top have someone along to unhook wrecks and messes and open and close gates or hold the lines while I do the other. It’s warming up so they made me sweat walking and trotting along behind them! Now, off to the saddle and try and get it finished up!

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