After I fed with the tractor this morning, me and Buck went over to help shear sheep at Delbert and George’s. Ol’ Buck had more fun than the law allows!

I let him run when I got home, actually quit just as they were getting done so I could come home and visit with Fr Tyler a bit before he had to take off back to his work. When he left I walked out and put Buck away. Jake had to stay home and here is the conversation I imagine they had in the dog house.

J “Where did you and the boss go today?”
B “Danged if I know but man we had a blast! They had sheep!”
J “well, what were they doing with the sheep?”
B “Danged if I know but they let me chase them and look at them and stare at them and chase them and stare at them…..”
J “Whoa, whoa! What do you mean you chased and stared at them?”
B “Just what I said, they let me run around and chase them into a pen and then we’d chase small bunches into a shed and then into an alley way and then up a real narrow alley way..and i got to chase them and stare at them and they moved away from me so I stared and moved them some more!!!! It was like heaven!!!!”
J “You mean to tell me than ran away from you? Not like these stupid bums around here that just ignore us until we bite them?”
B “Yes! They actually were AFRAID of me!!!! I felt like a god!!!”
J “Well why on earth did the boss let you do this to them?”
B “Darned if I know but it was FANTASTIC!!! And there was this lady dog there and she bite me and got me down in the dirt and tried to bite my throat and she’d bite the sheep and … dude, she wants me! I can tell….”
J “Whoa, whoa! A lady dog? Man, I wish I’d get to meet a lady dog!”
B ” Yeah…. and they had sheep!!! And I got to chase them and stare at them and they were scared of me……..

Well, you get the idea, ol’ Buck was in Border Collie heaven….

He’d say Thanks Delbert, if he knew how…. or stopped drooling about all the sheep he got to work today long enough to think of it….

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