I hope she’s happy

For Christmas Hope wanted to be moved into her OWN house. Looks like it will happen. Couple good friends came over and Tate drove out from Custer to help and they got it all insulated and skirted, water turned on and bam, they are ready! I cut insulation so they could fit it in and then went and hooked up the team and fed hay to the cows. After dinner I hooked them back up and hauled bean up to the cows. We had a lot of hoar frost so it was all sparkly and shiny when the sun peeked out. Sure is purty a bunch of red cattle coming in to feed across a white landscape…colder but still not to bad for this time of year.

7 thoughts on “I hope she’s happy

  1. And once they’re in their own place, you and Cindy will stop getting sick! As much as I love ’em, kids are like little cesspools of germs. Next year you won’t get sick at all–you’ll be immune to everything! In the meantime, do what the elementary school teachers do–wipe down surfaces with Lysol wipes. It’s not the coughing that gets you, it’s the germy little hands. Best wishes for them in their new place! Your friendly MD.

    1. Mary Ann, I think those wipes are part of the problem, but yes, these little germ draggers have been the cause. well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

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