And we are back…

Cindy and I headed out for Pierre on Saturday morning and got there about 10:30, met up with my writers group and ate a bite, had a short meeting then headed over to the Bookstore to do some poetry and music. Then we all loaded up, went to the Capital building and performed there. It was a big deal with all kinds of Christmas tree’s and free pie, tho’ by the time we got there all that was left was Punkin pie so I passed. Afterwords we went to Carmen’s house out north east of Pierre for some supper, visiting and jamming. Several of us spent the night and of course the wind came up and we had a blizzard this morning just as they had predicted, so we all stayed there until about 2 this afternoon. Sounded like the roads were better to the south so we drove about an hour out of our way coming hoe and got here about 5:30. We’d had about 8 inches of snow on Friday evening so it blowed a little. Chance fed some old hay up the creek to the cows and depending on the weather tomorrow, I may have to give them a short feed for a spell if they can’t graze the short grass still up there. Sure glad to get the moisture, but it would be grand if it would melt down so the cattle can graze….

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