Song/stories Calvin’ blues

Here’s a fun one! 🙂

I had been reading Facebook and a younger neighbor lady who used to live on this ranch as a small child and married a young neighbor fellow, was complaining of the snow, in March. They were calving, so I am sure it wasn’t fun.

I commented back that if she didn’t like the snow she ought to move. She replied, “I did. North!”

When I quit laughing, this got me to thinking of the fun of calving during the late winter/early spring and generally, around here, winter seems to last until at least May! I thought of the smells and wallering around thru’ mud under snow and trying to keep frozen baby calves alive. Well, you can either laugh or cry… I chose to laugh!

Many times about mid way thru’ calving season, if your talking to a neighbo, someone will invariably claim they were going to turn their bulls out later, so as to calve later the next year…. of course, none do, seems like…when you turn the bulls out later, most think you will have lighter calves, and you will to some degree, but of course, most don’t take into account the fact that later calving cows can get by on less winter feed as they have lower nutritional requirements… this is always a good thing to get an argument going… that and the smaller cow versus bigger cow deal! 🙂

So I just remembered all the pains of calving in mud and snow and the problems and cussing involved and of course, I am singing the blues so it had to have somewhat of a bluesy sound to it..there you go.

Oh, and the line, “clean yourself up and take in the town”.. well, it would seem if you turned the bulls in later, you would expect to have less work to do, so all you’d have to do it go to town and tie one on… you’d expect that… but it’s amazing all the work that still needs to be done, even if you calve later, especially if your one of them who want to make a living for the cows rather than have the cows make a living for you! 😉 Nuff said! LOL

6 thoughts on “Song/stories Calvin’ blues

  1. One thing that really stands out for me about this song, is that isn’t something a dime store cowboy could really ever come up with. That doesn’t keep one like me from liking it though.;D

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