Stories/songs-Spring Dance

This is the first track on the CD and was a song from day one. I had been out riding my two rein horse one fine spring morning and I wanted to try and translate what I felt, saw and did. Using all the senses.

While working on it, I called Chance and read him a bit and he told me, “I’ve got a line I have been saving for years that would really fit, that you can use as I will never use it, probably….” So thus came, “The rhythm of the rein chains, bouncing to the beat…” he helped me work on the next lines with suggestions and was a great sounding board.

My buddy Mike Tarrant who lives in California and is really into spade bits, rawhide reata’s and the old Californio style of riding, working stock, told me, “This song really speaks to me. Sounds so Californio, to me”.

To me, that is high praise and what I was trying to accomplish with these songs. It’s not so much about my ability to sing or play the guitar, as the story the songs tell and the mood the music gives to the story. This is still my favorite song on the whole CD. But there are some other ones running a real close second! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stories/songs-Spring Dance

  1. This song spoke to me the first time I heard it and speaks to me still every time I hear it. The fact that you wrote it about a ride on your pony that looks just like my mare is just icing on the cake. 😀

  2. I know I already commented but I feel compelled to post a little more. 😀 Personally I don’t think music is about rhythm and melody or any of those other technical things that make up music. Music to me is about emotion and this song has that in spades. Someone who isn’t into bridle horses or horses at all might not get the words, but I think they would still get the emotion from hearing the song even if the words didn’t mean much to them.


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