Got the heifers all ultrasounded… went pretty well, tho’ got warm and dang sure dusty. Good thing I had good horseback help. Not to sure about the chute help as the owner brought them and they took care of that end. Seemed to flow well. Open rate was much better than last year.

Feller stopped in for a fitting on his new chaps just as we came in to eat. He got fitted and took off, I grabbed a bite, we headed back out to sort the opens and the owner hauled most away in his trailer. He is supposed to be back for another load yet tonight.

Sam and I need to ride out and check on a calf who looked like he might be getting sick, yesterday. We will saddle up tomorrow and get ‘er done!

I got three checks for CD’s today in the mail so will need to ship some off tomorrow. In case I didn’t mention it, I do Paypal if you want a CD.