Devil’s Tower

Another good one. Had Bill Cheney from down around Casper, Jim Hamilton from over by Decker, MT and Pat Meade from Iowa all come to sing and recite poems. Chance backed me up on his guitar with hot licks… Poor ol’ Bill had back surgery this spring and 5 days after he had a stroke. He had a nice couple who drove him up and he had to set and we’d hand him the mic, but he sure didn’t have any problems remembering his poems. Great guy! And the weather was beautiful again!
Afterwords the kids followed Kelvin and I to Spearfish and we met up with Cindy and had supper.

Today is Labor Day so we will labor to get ready to work the calves tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower

  1. Wish we could have made it but I had some family stuff to take care of. it would have been our 3rd year there. Sounds like it was a great time.

    1. We missed you but understand, Maybe you could make it over to Hot Springs on the 22/23 of September for the Badger Clark gig…

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