I kept the horses out behind the house last night so this morning I lured them in with some grain, caught up Beaver and rode out around the shrinking drop bunch. No new ones.

Rode up to see if the pairs I kicked up the lane had made it out.


This afternoon I took the tractor and moved some stuff around to make room for trucks. Got the first load of yearlings in this evening. While I had the tractor going I hooked on to the disc and went and worked the trees over east. Then drug it around out across the road and scattered some sanfoin seed while doing so. I will see if it grows and if it does if it is a good thing to have. Then I unhooked the disc and went and cleaned up down branches and tees in the shelter belt out north of the house. Then I caught up my team, moved wagons around so they were out of the way of trucks.

First branding of the season tomorrow.

Here’s cow pictures… (Cindy sez I have way too many of them)