Nice day

I scurried around this morning and got my chores done then loaded up a few yearlings and hauled them to St Onge to the sale. Of course, they were some of the last ones to sell, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. I sat and wrote down quite a few butcher cows weights. I think the average would be around 1300 pounds and that isn’t fat. I think peoples cattle are a lot bigger than they realize. They have creeped up, during my lifetime, what with better genetics, vaccines and feed. Used to be, hardly any one fed mineral or fed much more t5han just hay in the winter. But now, almost everyone has mineral out 24/7 and they feed cattle better in the winter. I am not saying it’s not economical, but if people were to run all their cows across a scale, I think most would be shocked. When I was a kid, 40 to 45 year ago,m you never saw a black Angus bulls weigh much more than 1800 pounds, fat and old. Some Herefords weighed up around 2000 when they were mature bulls. Not, it is common for weighup bulls to weigh 1900 to 2100 pounds. We had smaller cows and weaned off smaller calves. Seemed like it worked, but then everyone tried hard to get heavier weaning weights and when they got heavier steers calves they also got heavier heifer calves and they kept them biggest ones for replacements. I don’t know if we could back to smaller cows if we wanted and until they pay more per head for smaller ones, I don’t think we will see a change.

Not much wind and just a real nice day. I took the radiator that I was told couldn’t be fixed, to a different shop and he said he could and would fix it. I left it and hope he can.

One thought on “Nice day

  1. We were talking about the same thing the other day. I remember when we calved out 800 pound heifers TOPS…… they’re at least 1000+. Calves use to wean off at 430 and now its closer to 600 or better.

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