Still March!

Windy today and supposed to be tomorrow also. Imagine that….

After feeding this morning I aired up the rear pickup tire and went over to Punkin Center and had it fixed and also got some oil for the loader and had the oil changed in the pickup. Kind of a costly deal!

Ate an early lunch at Bull Creek and visited with some young folks. They might come visit tomorrow and we will have a jam session.
When I got home I had a short siesta and then went out and had a quick session with the two colts. Both went real well. I had drug a larger and heavier tractor tire into the corral this morning with the team and dropped off the smaller one. So when I hooked Wren and Ron she could feel some weight back there. Don’t know if it was that or just the progress, but it went real well. I also set the evener so she was pulling more than half the load. I didn’t work them too long, but it was a good session. If it was less windy I might have took a trip outside, but there is no hurry. Now for a shower and then Mass.

One thought on “Still March!

  1. Robert, I really enjoy the way you write. I can allmost see the things you are doing.Thank you, for taking time to, Post here. It’s greatly appreciated, your friend, Mary

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