Another nice one

Little bit of wind but about 40. The horse came in for a drink and hung out long enough to capture them, so I harnessed up and haled a bale out to the calves and thin cows. Tho’ I shouldn’t call them that. Neighbor here was here one day and i remarked that that one bunch was the calves and the thin cows and he said, “Oh yea, where are the thin ones?” I guess thinner would be a better word to describe them.

Then I putted around putting checks in the Quicken account and making calls and not getting too much done, but some stuff. this evening we went to Cliff and Judy’s for Adult Ed. Good talk by Fr Marcin. Good food. good time. Came home and been trying to catch up with the knowledge out there in the interwebs. Now, it is bed time. and get up and start in again tomorrow. Fr Marcin, startled me toight when he said Ash Wednesday is next week. My how time flies!

But can you fly times? 😉

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