Or what passes for it. I don’t think it got over 12 today, but then after looking this morning, I have never looked again. supposed to get below zero tonight.

Bart and Richard stopped in this morning to get some parts off my old baler. A young man who was here last spring, Stevie Ray, also stopped in and showed me some books on timber framing, what I want to do out in front of the house when we add on.

After dinner I saddled up Woody and ran the horses in, harnessed the team and fed some hay. Dang sure had to break ice on the tanks today!

2 thoughts on “Cold

  1. We have had some mild weather around here and finally Sunday it is supposed to hit a high of 22 for the whole day. It has been so long since it has been that cold during the day that I can’t remember when it was that cold last ๐Ÿ˜‰ Building project in the near or far future?

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