Cooler, but nice

Sun was shining and not much for a breeze, so it wasn’t a bad day.

Dean stopped in this morning to look at the springs on my bale wagon. He was headed to Punkin Center for some stuff so I tagged along and we visited and ate lunch there. I was needing an excuse to quit entering my past years checks so I can do my taxes.
When we got home, his son ırad stopped in on his way back from jury duty. He was disgusted they didn’t pick him. Said it sounded like an interesting case. He didn’t go into details and we didn’t ask. they drank a cup of tea and then they headed home and I went back to entering checks. I can’t seem to look at the computer with my glasses on and can’t read some of the copies of the checks the bank sends me with out, very well, so I get a bit sick and a headache. I have tried changing the look and size on my computer screen, but it doesn’t seem to help. So I enter some and then take a break and then come back and enter some more. When Cindy got home she read some to me so I didn’t have to look back and forth and that helped.

3 thoughts on “Cooler, but nice

  1. Do you have stimatism? If so, your glasses might have got bent a little out of shape which screws up your sight. Told a friend of mine that I thought I might have a brain tumor as my sight changed recently. She is in the optomitry proffession somewhere. She look at me and said you dumb shit your glasses are crooked! Straighten them and I could see fine.

    1. No, I don’t. And yes, I do have to make sure they are not crooked, but on all my different glasses I have had, I’ve never been able to look at a computer screen for very long without it making me woozy or giving me a headache. Not sure what it is. Asked the optometrist and they haven’t figured it out.

  2. I guess “stiGmatism” would have been a closer spelling. Some people are so simple minded that they only have one way to spell a word!!

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