Broncs and bronc riders

That’s what we went in to see and we saw them. great show at Rapid City last night. I rode down with several other guys and then we met up with Cindy who drove down from Sturgis. We ate a bite and headed over to the event. Got good seats and then had a friend and a couple of his friends show up looking for seats. We let them sit with us, but we probably shouldn’t of. Teach them suckers to come in late! But it was fun to catch up on stuff with Will, who lives up north on the Grand River.

Of course they had to have an announcer who screamed and tried to get us all to shout and scream, but them guys forget they are setting in the middle of bronc riding country. We all showed the proper appreciation for the good rides and understood the poorer rides. And poorer probably isn’t the best word. Just that some guys bronc’s didn’t buck as hard or bucked harder and some rode better than others. All in all, a great time. Sure hope they keep these going around the country!

Cindy and I drove home and she had today off, as she knew it would be a late night. I couldn’t sleep when we got home and was awake until after 4 am. Sure was hard to drag out of bed this morning.

I went over to Casey’s this afternoon and helped him with a buggy harness he had bought for one of his horses. all nylon and they can keep that stuff as far as I am concerned. I have never put that sort of harness on before and we finally got it figured out, but it’s maybe a bit small for the horse he wants to use it on, tho’ with some fixing we could make it work probably.

I stopped and picked up some salt for mix with the bean and some molasses flakes to try and put some weight on an older, thin mare and Woody. Kept them in and hauled them some hay and fed hay for the calves, tho’ they really shouldn’t get it ’til tomorrow, but they don’t care.

Now I think an early bedtime!

Sure was another beautiful day!

One thought on “Broncs and bronc riders

  1. Whew, what a day you had or should I say night. I would of been in bed pretty darn early myself! I have to say though that going to the bronc event would of been pretty darn neat for me to do! Our winter has been pretty dreary here, not a whole lot of sun shine, but then I guess it is better than being ass deep in snow!

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