No, not the weather, me. I have one. Again. I have been eating echinasia and L Lysine. Sort of making it manageable. But it’s still there.

The lady in front of me at Mass was somewhat offended that I wouldn’t shake hands with her. Finally made her understand that I had a cold and didn’t want to spread it around. I guess some people don’t understand that you spread colds with skin to skin touch, much more than airborn.

Had friends stop over after words and we had nice visit. I had fixed a belt of Brents and he had dropped it off a month ago or so.

I have been working on some new songs. got two down and recorded on here, but they are poor recordings. Sound pretty good on Garageband, but not on Itunes, when I make then into an Mp4 or whatever they are called, so I can send them off for people to listen to. One is a fast, upbeat one and another is a ballad about a guy who was hung at Sturgis, years ago. He killed a couple of guys, just a mile or two from here. Last legal hanging in Meade County.


Yeah, real happy, upbeat stuff! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Supposed to be up in the 40’s to 50 all this week for highs. January thaw time!

9 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Hope you feel better soon!
    And on the music thing…you know a song is the real thing… a genuine good un…when you get it going through your head on your mental juke box (if you happen to have one, which I do, playing day and night). I just wanted you to know that the Calvin’ Blues song is often playing there especially when I am out feeding cows in the snow. lol

  2. Do you ever post your songs/videos on here?
    I never shake hands at Mass; I and others in our church just do the nod, with a slight bow. Much more sanitary.

    1. MY how sanitary! LOL No we shake, kiss and hug, but we are a warm and affectionate people!

      No, I never post songs on here as it won’t allow me to unless I upgrade. I have emailed them as mp4 or whatever they are to a few people. Really poor recordings but you get the gist of the tune and the words.

  3. Yeah, I was offended that you wouldn’t shake my hand in Rapid either, (lol) but it was nice to see you anyway!


    1. Well, I don’t want to shake your hand when I ain’t sick Tap. Your bigger than me and might squeeze too hard! LOL

  4. When you wrote you “fixed a belt of Brents.” I wondered if he fixed you a belt of Jack Daniel’s in return. ๐Ÿ™‚

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