Another year rolled around

Hope all had a wonderful time over the New Years celebration. We had 3 grandsons here for the night and on New Years day I got them up and fed them pancakes and then we went to Hope and Chances for the day. all the kids and grand kids were there. Cindy and Fr Tyler joined us after they got off work.

Today Cindy and I drove down to Wall, where she exchanged some slippers she had gotten for Kass for Christmas, that didn’t fit. Also bought herself a set. I found a heavy work scarf in bright blue. as the kids say, I am stylin’!

We got some visiting in with folks we don’t see very often any more and had a nice trip down and back and a nice lunch at the Drug Store.

Weather has been a little on the windy side but not terribly cold. Supposed to get up over 50 this week. What a great start to the new year!

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