Cindy had to go in to work at 1:30 Christmas morning as one of her co-workers was sick. But the good part was, she got to get off earlier. So I left here about 8:30 and got into town about 9:30 and picked her up and we headed down to Rapid to Fr. Tyler’s. After awhile Tate and Kass and family showed up. I let Kass and Gabe play cribbage with me and I was nice enough to not whup them. πŸ˜‰

Then later on Chance and Hope and family got there. Some time in there I got in a short nap. We all visited and everyone opened the present everyone had gotten each other. Fr Tyler was kind enough to buy all the little boys harmonica’s and he thought that was really funny! Not so much., the parents!

Gabe and Lige got boxing gloves and blow up boppers, which are huge boxing gloves. Man,did we have fun with them! Gus and Sam got cap guns. Did you know they make them out of plastic now? And i thought them pot metal ones we used to get were cheap! Seems like some of the adults got a little tired of hearing the pop, pop, pop!

I got a new book and a silk wild rag and Cindy got a Kindle. I also got a small mp3 player I had ordered about 6 months ago and when it came Cindy just hid it and wrapped it up! She is going to get it! Not sure what she is going to get, but there will be sweet revenge! This little deal is made to put a card like goes in a camera, only you can put all kinds of music on it and then it will play over the radio in a vehicle. I suppose they have made them for years, but it’s the first I was aware of them when my buddy Mike came to visit this early fall and told me about them. I hope it works!

Probably the best present I have gotten is the weather. It sure has been nice. Supposed to be up in the 40’s all week. The wind is going to howl today, but when it’s this warm, this time of the year, who cares?

We brought Lige home with us last night to spend some time without any other grand kids around. Probably ruin the poor kid for life!