Had a great visit with Kevin and Ruth yesterday evening. In the course of the conversation, Kevin told this story on himself.

Seems he was toodling along in his VW pickup and was coming to an intersection with a red light, so he kicked it out of gear and was slowing down for it. Just before he got to the intersection, the light turned green, so he dropped it back into gear while on the move at a slow crawl and was just pulling into the intersection, when here came a newer model pickup, barreling thru’ what would have been a red light for him. Keven swerved to avoid the collision and they both ended up stopped in the center of the intersection. The other driver got out and proceeded to cuss and tell all the world that Kevin’s parents weren’t married when Kevin was born, and shoot, he didn’t even know Kevin.

Kevin was about to just drive off, when the guy started kicking Kevin’s pickup. He said something just snapped and he couldn’t take it so shut his pickup off and stepped out and walked around the back of the pickup to settle this once and for all.

When he got to the other guy, who was much shorter than Kevin, the guy started poking Kevin in the chest with his finger, all the while keeping up a steady stream of cursing and bad mouthing. Kevin was just about to pop him one, when he looked over and saw that the other guy’s pickup was still running with the door left open, so he just stepped over, locked the door and shut it!

Then he got in his pickup and drove off!

Man, talk about keeping your cool, and retribution!

Way to go cuz’, way to go!

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