the snow is melting!

Took the team out and fed today, early, so I could meet up with Ken this afternoon and work on the songs. After me and Gabe and Lige got done feeding hay we hooked on to the wagon to haul some bean out with the calf sled hooked on the back of the wagon. They enjoyed that. Took a little tour thru’ the pasture to make sure all the cows came to feed and give the boys a longer sled ride. We went pretty fast, but not fast enough for Gabe. He’s a speed demon and sure thought we ought to be able to go as fast as I had when I pulled them around behind Beaver! I tried to explain that teams like mine are not supposed to go faster than a trot. I did manage to spill them once on some snow I had piled up in the yard. They thought that was great fun! Boy are their parents in for some fun as they get older! 🙂

Supposed to get up to the 40’s tomorrow and 50’s the next day with a pretty fair wind so the snow should be pretty much gone by tomorrow night. And then we have mud! MUD! Woohoo!