Still nice weather.  50’s today with some wind. Drying the mud out.

I took the extra harness back to the neighbor. The hames were too big for my collars. Then I ran over to Punkin Center and got some lick barrels for these older cows. See if that will help put some flesh on them. They aren’t starving, but I would like to see them fatter. Problem is, they probably just won’t get too fat. But still and all, I like fatter looking cattle.

After I fed this afternoon I pulled the wagon into the shed and started working on it. Cindy came home about that time and came and lent a hand and advice. I wanted to replace and change the boards you stand on and make them safer. And also I put a side on one side so when grand children ride along there is less danger of them falling off. Not fancy, but it will work better for that now and make it even handier to climb on. Sturdier also.

Now, bring on the grand kids! 🙂