As Ian Tyson sings in his song “Springtime”.

Yup, lots of snow went off today. Water is running all over. First time  can remember feeding with my team and being in running water pretty much all the time. My little shorty overshoes got my boots wet!

Went over to a neighbors this morning and borrowed an extra set of harness so I will be able to harness all the horses at the same time. It’s made from nylon and plastic, so it’s light but the hames are really to bog for my collars, but I made them work. Lots nicer to throw on and don’t have to worry about the mud and the wet bothering it.

Then after dinner a young neighbor came over and had me cut him some straps to fix on some bronc chaps so he can ride saddle broncs this spring. After that I went out and cut some young bulls and saved all but one of the oysters. Shadow slipped in and got that one. Maybe I’ll have Rocky Montain oysters for dinner tomorrow!

After I got done with that I harnessed up with the new harness and adjusted it to fit and went and fed, but there were only a few cows there to eat. the wind is howling and the other cattle went clear out in the pasture to pick at old grass. Guess they wanted a change in their diet. Tomorrow if they are still out there I will haul some hay to them, but not in this wind! They want hay this evening they will have to come find it behind the wind break.

I unharnessed and then Cindy and I drove up and down the road looking at all the running water. Wish it was warmer and no wind I’d take the kayak out as we really have some big water.