Wednesday 12/29/10

This year is about shot and sounds like it is going out with a bang. We are supposed to have howling winds, very low temps and snow. Looks like a New Years Eve blizzard is approaching.

The man who fixes my stove came yesterday and after much mumbling and grumbling (he mumbled, I grumbled) it is working again. We never did figure out for sure what was wrong with it and why it started working again. He just pretty much tore it apart and put it back together and then it worked. He said I should be able top handle it next time. Yeah, right! I think it’s time to save up for a different one that doesn’t set inside the fireplace. It would put out more heat and be lots easier to work on when/if it quit working! Now, if I can just save up the bucks! 🙂

If you guys south east of me see my hat or one of my horses go blowing by in the next few days, please grab it and give me a call!

Oh, Larry brought the cows to Chance yesterday afternoon. Nice red cows. Cool.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 12/29/10

  1. Sounds like winter is here for a while yet. Stay warm.

    I sent you an email about feeding your square bales a week or ten days ago. I bet it got caught in your junk mail.

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