Monday 12/20/10

Got some 3x3x8 bales in the other day so I have been devising a way to feed them. I stood them on end, leaned against some other bales, all lined up. Then I back my low boy wagon up to them and push one on from the back end. I put a piece of Strongbarn roof tin on the bed,  so I can slid them forward, and then just flake them off. Doesn’t work too bad, but still not as handy as just using my bale wagon. Kind of a pain to stand them on end with the loader.

Got some snow last night, but it’s a pretty nice day so far, but they claim the wind is going to come up later. Supposed to be a total eclipse of the moon tonight between 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. We might have quite a bit of cloud cover so I don’t know as it will be worth staying up or getting up to watch it. But I bet it’d look pretty cool.

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