Wed 12/15/10

After I got done with the chores this morning, I ran down south of Enning and looked at some hay. Some 3x4x8 bales. I think I will get a few and see if I can feed them handily with my team. If so, I will get a load or two. Price is right.

This afternoon Cindy and I drove Purple up the creek and took the cows up there some bean. Really didn’t need any as they are just not eating much. too much protein in the feed they are grazing evidently and not really all that cold when you consider that a cow with a good coat of hair is just comfortable at 18 degrees.

Then this late afternoon I went up to Dean’s to look at the bale wagon he is putting together and look at his team. Nice mares.

Warmish out and the moon is shining, I really ought to go for a moon light hay ride.

Tomorrow I am hauling the butcher steer to the locker plant at Newell. Have to stop in and see Jan and Bill and pick up one of Jan’s new books of her cartoons if I can catch them at home.

Funeral on Friday for a good friends mom. I guess it was a blessing that she went, but it’s always hard to lose a loved one.

4 thoughts on “Wed 12/15/10

  1. Hello Rob – interesting stuff, do you have to take your home beef to a professional outfit or can you do it yourself . . . its a big job cutting a whole beast up so here I kill them at home and take them in to get butchered.

    1. Hi Foster. We can butcher it at home if we want and cut it up, but just such a big job and we really don’t have the facility. I’d like to but haven’t gotten a building or the house set up for it. We have quite a few locker plants around the country to choose from, but it’s getting expensive. $60 butcher charge yesterday, whether I killed and gutted and then hauled him in, or they did it there and then .$58 a pound, to have him cut and wrapped.

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