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A day late. Yesterday was Cindy’s 50th birthday. We have been together longer than we have not. Odd,  she seems the same women I met all those years ago. Maybe better!

I must be a real good teacher!


I was hired to do a gig for a wagon train coming from Miles City to Deadwood. The gig was yesterday evening. When I got there (about 100 miles from here) there was a guy playing guitar and singing and doing a whale of a job. I was a little early so stood around and watched until approached by a guy who was one of the ones in charge. He was apologetic as he didn’t know I was coming! Hmmm.

Another case of several people being in charge. He felt sorry for me and was going to have me perform after this other guy got done. I said it really didn’t matter. Then Mother Nature took charge with wind, rain and lightning, so the people all went into their wagons and tents and he and I decided that they would not come back for more entertainment. No big deal, I will call the lady later today, who hired me and make sure the meager check she is going to send me is still on the way. I fulfilled my part, seems like. I sure would have done the work if anyone wanted me too and I did arrive before time. Oh well, this kind of thing happens once in awhile. But it sure make me careful when getting a job and I like to be paid half in advance, just in case.