Went out fairly early this morning and went back thru my heifer bunch looking for one more bull. My yearling guy claims he’s got one more here than I can account for. Like a fool, I didn’t write the head count down when they came in so I thought we had them all and to tell the truth I still ain’t sure his head count is right. But I went back thru’ the girls and picked a up a pair that belonged on the neighbors to the south. Then I rode their pasture, hunting the bull, but found nothing. Then I rode out the neighbor to the south west, but didn’t find him. Now I am at a loss as to just where he might be as they are the only cattle that have been very close to this bunch. I ain’t found or smelled anything dead, so I guess I will just put the word out and hope someone runs across him. Don’t seem like any one lazy enough to steal would bother with one little yearling black bull.

Oh well, I got a fast, big ride on Pilgrim and he was still rarin’ to go when I got back to the house.