Thursday, April 29, 10

Real nice this morning then the wind started to pick up this afternoon. I went around the fence up west this morning, ran to Punkin Center and mailed off them spur straps and ate at noon. Fueled up and came home and worked on a new design for a martingale. the old one didn’t set quite right at the neck. This is a much better design. Straps are a bit long tho. I need to bring it in and rework it.

I saddled Mijo and gathered the horses and sorted of the gelding we are going to be riding to branding’s. First one tomorrow if it don’t rain out again. Left Woody with the mares and colts. He really thinks he’s a stud now!

While I had them in I used them for sorting practice with Mijo. He’s getting to where he will really get in the ground when he stops and comes around. Of course, he likes to work them as he thinks he’s a stud also. Wind is really coming up now and a big ol’ dark cloud is hanging in the northwest. They are not calling for much chance of rain tonight or tomorrow. Wind is supposed to gust up over 40 mph tomorrow and the next day. That ought to make branding fun!

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