Old time photo


This is a picture of my Grandma Bauer when she was a young lady and her family. Quite a few left Illinois and came out here. She is on the far left side in the light. I thought Connie, who has a blog on old pictures might enjoy this.

As I understand it, Great Grampa Bauer gave each of his sons, 80 acres of land on their 18th birthday. Dad always thought it was strange that so many would sell 80 acres of good farm land to move out here to the semi desert! He loved to go back to Illinois and look at the crops they could raise.

How would you ladies like to cook for that crew everyday, with a wood stove? This would have been taken somewhere close to the turn of the century.

Grandma and her younger sister Eve, came out here not long after this and homesteaded next to a brother.

There is a set of twin boys in this picture. Can you spot them?

8 thoughts on “Old time photo

  1. Cool photo. Some of my relatives lived for a while in North Dakota, with a little digging I could find more info on them. The boys in that photo all look like twins, but I’d say the two on the far right, one seated, one standing.

  2. Wonderful photo; thanks for sharing…I would guess second from right and second from left standing in rear on the twins. And I admire the ladies from that era and all they could do. I have some wonderful pics of my great grandma cooking at fish camp over an open fire. I love them!

  3. Here is what my cousin sent me about this photo.

    Father – Joseph Jacob Bauer (1843 – 1902) Mother Eliza Katerina (1853 – 1902) Joseph (1878 – 1940) Jacob (1880 – 1968) Peter John ( 1880 – 1945) John Nicolas (1882 – 1959) Elizabeth Katherine ( 1885 – 1963) Adam L (1887 – 1965) Eva Catherine ( (1890 – 1989) Jacob and Peter are the twins,, Joe and John stayed in Ill. Everyone else left the state!

    She has Adam and Eva transposed. I remember Aunt Eva. And Dad spoke often of his uncle Pete as he grew up with Pete’s son George, who was called Ole by his mother and everyone else. They were more like brothers than cousins.

    My cousin is a descendant of John and there were quite a few in that family and still many living in Illinois.

    Pete, Adam, Elizabeth, and Eva all homesteaded just west of us. When Grampa and Gramma got married, Grampa swapped land with the county for land here where we live.

  4. I did enjoy this photo very much! It is nice to put a face to the lovely lady who had so many friends back in Illinois.
    I would never have guessed which ones were the twins..twins often did not survive back then.
    I noticed that your Grandmothers parents died in the same year..and your Great Aunt Eva was 99 when she died..wow.
    I suppose this photo was taken sometime in 1898 or 1899..and I only guess that from the ages of the girls..
    You have a wonderful family treasure in that photo..thanks for sharing:)

  5. Illinois, that is where I am from originally. On my Mom’s side I think they got to the state in the late 1830s or early 1840s. On my Dad’s side I think they got to Illinois about 1817 from some stuff I found on the web.

    What part of Illinois were they from?

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