Same old….

Same old. Been warming up to about 22 during the day and somewhat coolish at night. 😉

Team seemed to work fine after a couple days off. I got some new hay in and it sure is nice. The guy told me there might be a little that was a bit brown as he had a hard time getting it up right with all the moisture last summer, but so far it is bright and green. One thing that sure is disheartening is when you roll out a bale you paid good money for or invested a lot of time work and effort into and having it not be green and bright but moldy musty or less than you’d expect. So far these are all good. There is so many small glaciers and frozen cow pies, it is getting hard to find a spot to feed that is clean. Got the team to where they will just ease along over them frozen cow bumps pretty well. 🙂

Bob goes out with me to feed, but usually stays at the horse barn or the shed. He is getting to where he follows the big dogs a little farther out all the time, which isn’t necessarily a good thing! I need to get my kennel fixed up.

Going in for a dental appointment tomorrow.

Here’s Bob on Sunday when we were sledding with Gabe and Lige.

5 thoughts on “Same old….

  1. Bob is pretty handsome! What fun we are having with your old has been so interesting!
    We are cold and snow blowing over the roads today glazing them so things are icy…and we are going below zero tonight.. fun Feb weather.
    I used to only buy Alfalfa hay for our horses..from one old mold ever ..gosh that can make horses sick:)

  2. Yeah Bob is going to be huge I am afraid. When he goes to bite a cow to make her move, he may just take the leg and all! 😉

    But he’s kid of fun!

  3. I think Bob has pretty much stolen everyones heart! Yuck, better you than me as far as the Dentist goes. I go for my regular cleanings and that is more than enough for me.

  4. Hopefully your pup won’t get to be as big as Bills great dane. Duke really makes people look when he comes loping down to meet them!! He is such a friendly guy tho, which is good. The funny part is when this big dog likes you, he tries to sit on your lap.

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