Saturday 2/6/10

Frosty out there this morning. Supposed to get some snow and a little wind starting tomorrow and then get colder for a few days. Kind of boring, isn’t it?

I need to get a couple horses hauled down to a friend in Nebraska so he can calve on them. Looks like a warming trend at the end of next week so maybe I can go then.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 2/6/10

  1. Hey Mr Dennis. Do you have any links to dealers for Rawhide??
    I just acquired a few pieces of horse/mule drawn equipment. Some of the bearings need to be rawhide. Danged if I can find any around me!! Mayhaps some of the others have some leads??
    Weather sukz here rain/sleet. Ground is like walking on a wet sponge. Yall have a Gud-un, Ol James.

    1. Bill Confers at Tejas Industries, Hereford Texas. Also Tandy’s but they are high.

      Maybe Sheridan Leather Outfitters in Sheridan WY.

  2. Hi Sir,
    Yes i know thats boring!
    It is the same like these days in Germany! A lot of snow, it was in the 70s the last time with so much snow!
    But… it is nothing like yours!

  3. Hi Mr. Dennis, I loved your blog, I really did. đŸ˜€ Ever since I can remember I’ve been in love with horses. Where exactly is your farm located? Those horses are beautiful!

    1. Bam, I don’t have a farm. I have a ranch. I am in western South Dakota. Glad you enjoyed it. Lots more horses pictures scattered on here.

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