4 thoughts on “Check this out

  1. When the Bass Masters Classic was in Birmingham in ’93. They had a guy in a fish suit, along with a couple of other people handing out flyers on how the hooks were hurting the fish. He and I got into a bit of a heated discussion, no hollering mind ya. A few other Bassers soon joined in. One fellow got the HSUS kid so mad he took off his costume head. WOW!! That kid had enuff hardware in his ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth to fix most cars and tractors!! Talk about hypocritical!! I just asked him what his organization had done other than make commercials?? He didn’t like that! Others in the crowd questioned his organizations methods into agriculture and other matters…no answer from any of them. They were college students hired to do this!! Buncha-bunny huggin-tofu eatin-no common sense-idgitz I ever seen !!! ‘cept for them in DC.

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