Oh man!

I just re-found a place that makes me laugh out loud, setting here by myself.

This is funny stuff, but not for children.

I turned 52 yesterday. Made me think. Made me think I wish I had taken better care of my body when I was younger!

This internet age made it possible for many people from all over to give me birthday greetings. It was fun. Thank you one and all.

Cindy caught a ride into work and then I picked her up when her shift was done. Took her to the eye doctor who told her that she was healed up. Cool! We ran to Rapid and met up with Kass to give her some stuff they had left here. Then instead of going out for supper, we went to the grocery store and got the fixin’s for Reuben sandwiches. They were great. Even drank a couple dark beers with my supper. Hope and Chance and the boys came over and ate sandwiches and then watched American Idol with Cindy. Some people sure are brave, on that show! The English guy is a twit, but he damn sure tells it like it is!

Now, off to harness up and feed critters. Sure beautiful weather out there. Highs in the 40’s. That is great for this time of year. I am going to enjoy it as I know it won’t last as long as I would like!

3 thoughts on “Oh man!

  1. The old you get the more home style meals get better! Somehow I can’t see you watch Simon on American Idol. We have a similar twit on the Canadian version that can be a jerk but mostly he’s right. Sorta like you on the “board”! 😉 With all due respect of course.
    Don’t we all wish we’d have taken better care of the body God gave us when we turn 50?

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