Got the new keyboard

Only 3 below this morning at 5:15. Supposed to get up to 25 or so. Don’t sound like much to those folks who live down south, but it will feel warm enough to run around without a coat on after this last deep freeze.

Speaking of deep freeze, Chance and Hope were in town so swung up to Newell and got the meat and brought us our share. Ate a steak for supper last night. Not bad. Not bad at all! But for what it costs to get one cut up anymore, I think we will invest in a “meat” building and some equipment and start cutting up our own.

10 thoughts on “Got the new keyboard

  1. I am in your corner on the meat cutting thing. It costs around six hundred bucks to get a steer processed here. We do have it cryovacced,which adds somewhat to the cost, but any way you slice it it is ridiculous…especially since the boy took meat cutting at college. Anything small enough to pick up with the skid steer we are going to do ourselves.

    1. I will have to find a chart to show me where all the cuts are. I took meats judging in high school, but that has been too many years ago!

  2. Here in Tampa, Fl. it is 35 now and falling. it is to be in the 20’s tonight. This is really cold for this area. The citrus and tomato farmers are really hurting. Tropical fish that are raised in outdoor ponds are dieing with the water getting too cold.

  3. I am sure you can butcher your own..I believe that the proper knives are a big parents used to do all their own beef.. meat grinding and sausage making when it was a hog..rendering lard..etc..practice makes perfect. Glad you got a new keyboard..I need one too this one spells rotten:)

  4. We were going to take our beef to the butcher next week, well first it was too long to wait to get him in and then it was going to cost over 600 to have everything done. We would have to get our stock trailer fixed first, so what do we do, we had our friend that was a butcher at one time come and do it for us on our property and it is only going to cost us 300, we will have to help wrap but hey it is only 15 minute drive instead of 1 hr. If we don’t sell our beef and just do it for us and our family that is how we will always do it. We have only sold beef to two other people and I am sure that if we sell it as on the hoof rather than hanging we will be able to still sell it. We shall see. Glad you have your new key board. We just got a new mother board and memory stick replaced now I had to order a new monitor! Computers are there any good ones out there?:)

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