16 thoughts on “Bring.Me.Al.Gore!

  1. Mr. gore’s name has been taken in vain pretty often around here lately too and we don’t get nearly the weather you do. You have every right to be cranky. Last year we never got much of a January thaw at all. Sure hope we all do this year.

  2. We-get-a-drier-cold,Collie.


  3. Are you whining? Terril said he was thinking of moving our water troughs south but after he heard how cold you were he’s decided to stay in Canada 😉

  4. Hey – I LIKE this global warming stuff. It’s been in the upper 20s here for the last week and we are lovin’ it. Way better than the -20*F that we usually have this time of year.

  5. “And-the-rest-of-those-”Global-Warming-liars!


    Not good enough. I say we string the no good, lying bastards up.

  6. Ha ha…as a scientist and researcher he firmly believes that all of the pollutants that some of the big cities factories put in the air is having a big effect on things. (not cow flatulance). When we went thru the big cities east it was amazing and disgusting all of the crap that was in the air. The ‘stuff’ has to go someplace and it goes right into the air we breathe and the atmosphere. How lucky we are that we live where we do. Everytime I go to Ohio I appreciate where we live. Only 50 miles from the crime capital of the world, Detroit. I certainly worry about him. He flies so much…Japan, Germany, Spain, Canary Islands and Australia last year and this year he flies to Poland, Germany, China and Spain. BTW I fell asleep during ‘inconvenient truth’!!!!

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