Just so you’ll know

What I am doing here, writing this blog, is mostly a journal of sorts. I hope that someday my children, grandchildren nd even perhaps great grand children, will be able to get a look into my life, in my times and the joys and problems that presents.

I enjoy all those who read my blog and those who comment, even more. Through the writing of this and reading of other blogs, I have gotten to meet and perhaps even call friends, some wonderful people all around the world and get to look into their lives.

Every once in awhile when I get something of interest I will pass it on and let you know who wrote it or where it came from or something of that sort. I even go on a rant once in awhile.

This morning while waiting for it to warm up enough to go do my chores, I checked out the statistics on this blog. I wasn’t even aware I could do that. Lo and behold I found a place that showed where others had linked to one of my entries. Interesting.

I looked them over and found that my latest rant about whiners struck a nerve or a chord with others. I was taken to task and didn’t even know it!

One person mentioned that I was going out to feed my cows, hence I must have a dairy, as anyone else would have steers, calves and bulls. Too bad he didn’t understand that in this area “cows” can mean any bovine of any size or sex. We don’t use the word “cattle” very often. Weird? maybe, but we all know what we are talking about.

Another person took me to task for looking down upon and scorning my city and town cousins, as it were. What they didn’t notice was that I didn’t mean to exclude any person who does not live in a city or town. Ranchers and farmers whine also. Just usually on different subjects. It just happened that that morning all the whining I had  read emanated from people who were in towns or cities and really didn’t have much to complain of, it seemed to me. That was the whole point of the post. That we all, me included, whine too much about too many things of little importance. What many failed to notice was the best part…..are you ready?

I was whining, in my post about whining!

Come on people, look  up once in a while!

Life is too short. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Especially over something I might post here. After all, it’s really just a journal and anyone who doesn’t agree with me or my views is free to say so in the comments. But to cuss me behind my back, so to speak, just really shows lack of good taste and borders on cowardice.

Now go have a good day! 🙂

You bunch of whiners! LOL

11 thoughts on “Just so you’ll know

  1. I NEVER get my panties in a wad……it’s just SO uncomfortable. I like it when you rant and whine……….then I get to be my sarcastic self 😛

  2. P.S. if you had Maploco (like on the bottom of my blog) you could see where everyone is reading from…….that makes stats rather interesting too.

  3. Hell, its our blogs and if we want to whine and complain or laugh or cry or what ever we will do it, and if people don’t like it they don’t have to stop by or read our blog! I don’t mind! If I didn’t like your blog I wouldn’t come back or go to it! I like you;)

  4. Ya know, whining sets the wheels in motion for change…so it ain’t all bad. When people get tired enough of something and they “whine” about it, pretty soon they’ll be out there “fix’in” what ails them…and most times, they fix “it” for lots of others as well…So whine away!

      1. That’s not true…I have whined for a week and the weather is changing…but not in the direction I was whining for…DAMN

  5. Tam at View from the Porch linked you – so you had what is known as a “Tamalanche.” If the Instapundit links you, your increase in traffic is known as an “Instalanche.” It’s a play on avalanche.

    Most of those people won’t be back, but some probably got hooked and will check in on ya from now on.

    What I know about WordPress could be written on the head of a pin – but I’d expect your stat counter is similar to Sitemeter and has browser info, locations, referrals, exit pages and all sorts of other geeky info. You can also install Google Analytics and play with it – it’s just some code you put into your template somewhere it can’t be seen.

    And – of course you weren’t trying to act superior to citified weather whiners – it was all tongue and cheek and your intent was certainly not offensive. But, more traffic equals more northbound ends of southbound mules, if you know what I mean and I think that you do!

    As for the “cow” issue – oh yeah, them thar cow haulers, well they’re pretty dern picky. No calves, bulls, steers, heifers or androgynous mutant bovines from Planet Ruminant will ever walk on their trailers, by cracky!

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