New Years Eve 09

New Years 2010

Two thousand nine is almost done
So I ponder on what has passed
Seems as I age each year just goes so much quicker
Life sails by way too fast

So many changes have happened this year
Good and bad scattered throughout
Stockmen fought snow and cold ‘till spring
I almost wished for a drought!

We had three blizzards in just two weeks!
Even the old timers never seen that
But then they didn’t have four wheel drive either
Afterwards the coyotes got fat

All that snow sure helped fill up the dams
Along with the following spring rains
All the hay and grass that grew so high
Helped to ease most of the pains

Odd how we always seem to need a calf killer
To ensure a bountiful year
Cattleman made ghoulish jokes to ease the pain
Trying to dispel some of the fear

That maybe the prices wouldn’t be quite enough
To ensure all their payments in fall
As always they tightened their belts a notch
Pulled their hats down and stood up tall

No, two thousand and nine maybe wasn’t the best
Like all years there was thick and thin
But we ended up with lots of feed for the stock
We’re in good shape for the shape we’re in

Two thousand and ten is bound to be better
That’s my prediction tho’ I ain’t no Wiz
How do I know? ‘Cause it’s plain as hell
This is the best “next year” country there is!

Robert Dennis 12/28/09

Happy New Years all!

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