I had a pinhead show up on here, making rude comments about my leatherwork. I allowed the comments, while asking them for pictures of their work. They don’t seem to think they need to show theirs and yet can find fault with mine. I am not saying I am the best, far from it, yet I have turned out serviceable work for quite a few years now with many happy customers.

I don’t mind critisim, in fact I ask for it. I don’t think anyone is harder on me than I am myself, yet if someone is to tell me what I am doing wrong in their mind, they had better be willing to give some examples of their work for me and the world to judge. I think that is only fair.

I went back and deleted the pinheads comments and will nt allow any more, until they show what they got.

Now, off to the breaks to help a neighbor work some cattle. Taking both Mijo and Pilgrim as it could get to be a long day and I hate riding a tired horse. Unlike the pinhead, I actually use what I build and have figured out what will and will not work!