Fiddled around a long time yesterday copying some flower patterns and trying to get them sized the way I want and then mirror images so I can put them on the left and the right and they will match. Can’t seem to get it done on this computer any more. Not sure how I used to do it, but the programs I am trying to use now don’t seem to work. For instance, when I flip a pattern over, it will show it flipped, but when I go to print it off, it reverts back to th original. Maybe this is a sign to just learn to draw each one out as I go, as I am supposed to be doing. Swivel knives were originally intended to be used like a pencil, on leather, tho’ maybe a pen would be more apt, as if you make a mistake, you can’t just erase it.

I finally just drew a pattern on to a spur leather pattern (if that makes sense) and then flipped it over and copied it so it has the design on both sides. This is what I ended up with.

These are a dove wing pattern. There is no buckle, you just slip each end on one of the buttons on your spurs. I have not punched the holes for the spur buttons yet. I had just covered these with some protective cream and the picture didn’t come out as good as I wanted.

Chance and I are going out to a benefit for a guy I know who is fighting cancer, at Newcastle. Maybe I should take these along for them to auction off. Usually they never bring what I think they should and it just makes me angry, so I would rather just give them some money.