Wednesday 7/ 29

Rained last night. Ought to help keep the grass going for awhile. Looks like maybe a half inch or so.

Went out to get a bull in yesterday afternoon. I rode Pilgrim, my 4 year old. We didn’t gt him. He was on a twisty, muddy creek and used it to his advantage. I finally decided it wasn’t worth messing up my colt any more than I had, in my anger and frustration, so came home for a better trained horse and a bull whip. By the time I got home I had re-thought it and decided to go out today on a better trained horse and a bull whip and a better attitude. Maybe both of us will have a better attitude. We shall see!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 7/ 29

  1. Hope you get him all right. I am impressed that you waited until you were in a better mindset. I always do the wrong thing and keep trying when I am tired and frustrated and everything has already gone all wrong.

  2. OH – how I wish I could come ride with you!!! I miss ‘getting cattle’….. instead of a bull whip – how bout a 22 with rubber bulllets! LOL

  3. That would sure work, but it cost money to re-load. With the whip, it doesn’t.

    I keep telling you, come visit and we will find a horse to suit you. Drive out to the rally and visit out here. Hell, stay out here. We are only an hour away.

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