Mijo started packing a spade bit today.

P6220009He did well. As most do.

We had a little wreck this morning. Neighbor lady called to tell me we had a big bunch og yearlings in on them. I rushed up there in Purple, with the dogs, afraid the cattle were in their new mown hay. But they weren’t. So me and the neighbor got them chased back thru’ the gate they had knocked down, only leaving a few of his cows in with them. Chance came and helped me this afternoon and we rode down and sorted the cows off and put them back. I need to go in the morning and move the yearlings and fix some fence to keep them away from the neighbors pasture for awhile.

Later we went back and roped and doctored 3 yearling’s. One had twine around it’s horns, whether by accident or design, but it was cutting in and causing it to get sore and bleed. We cut the twine off and gave him some antibiotic.

Fun, fun!

Our water heater quit on Sunday, so I spent the morning calling and trying to get someone to bring a new one and install it today. Prices for the guys in Rapid were around $1000 to bring a new one and install it. Then I finally got thru’ to our electric company. Man there told me if I bought one from them, they would bring it down and install it for free. $420, total cost.

Guess which one I did!

He will be here tomorrow.

Talk about a price difference!