It was pretty nice yesterday. Pretty stiff breeze out of the southeast, but when I went out to ride yesterday about 3:30 it was dying down. When I left I was wearing a goose down vest and a light jacket with a big silk wildrag on. Part way, I had to shed the coat and a little later the scarf. Then I had to start putting it all on again as the wind started up out of the northwest.

Sure crossed a lot of running water. When I was a kid I always thought it would be pretty cool if all the creeks around here ran water year around. Of course now I know they would all be cut down to nothing if they did and it would be like the mountains with rock every where. I think I like it better the way it is!

Supposed to get some rain the next few days. Wet out there this morn9ing, but doesn’t look like it go too wet. Guess I need to find my rain gauge and put it up, so I can know how much less rain I got then all the neighbors, this year.  🙂

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