How do we….

Appreciate the the nice days, without the storm?

Yesterday was a nice day. Warm. Soft breeze. Snow melting. Ahhhh…….

Supposed to be snowy and windy today, so Chance came up yesterday afternoon and we sorted of 5 cows to keep in. We wormed all the older horses. Some of those old mares got pretty excited when I roped them around the neck. I really need to catch all the yearlings and 2 year olds and worm them also. Also the cows, as soon as the snow melts out of the corrals enough to do it.

When we got done we sorted the cows, Chance on Dean and I was on Beaver. Ol’ Beav really came uncorked and jumped at cows a time or two, when they tried to duck back. He’s feeling good and that made me feel good. I giggled like a school girl at his actions. Makes me remember why I’ve got all these horses around here and am trying to raise more like him!

I went after lick barrels for the cows with Mag in them. When this snow goes off, there will be green grass and it will grow so fast that it can’t pick up all the nutrients that cattle need. One of those is magnesium. If a lactating cow doesn’t get enough, she will go down and can die. So we feed the sweet lick barrels for a while in the spring until the grass catches up. It’s only the non native species of grass that cause this, evidently. Not the native grasses, but it’s also the non natives like crested wheat grass and brome that grow fast and give out lots of feed, early in the spring when it’s still cool also. Better safe than sorry.

I went to Punkin Center to get the barrels and forgot to tell the lady who brought them out, that I needed the hi mag barrels. It was only after I got home and was talking to Chance on the phone that it dawned on me that I had forgot to tell her I needed mag barrels. I went and looked and sure enough, I had the wrong kind, so I had to drive back down there and switch. Which was still cheaper than feeding the non mag barrels, thinking the cows were protected. Senility is getting to be a real pain!

7 thoughts on “How do we….

  1. “Senility is getting to be a real pain.”
    Wait ’til u get real senility! Though, come to think of it, it ain’t really worth waiting for! Join us now. lol.

  2. I’ve never heard of mag tubs before but it sounds like a good idea. We seldom ever have a cow get milk fever up here on our grass.

  3. I dont think it’s milk fever, but very similar. Milk fever is lack of calcium from putting too much into the milk isn’t it? Never used to have to worry about it, but with all the “milk cow” bred into these breeds anymore, I can see it as a problem.

  4. Grass tetness (sp) is what we sometimes get that magnesium works on. Swollen shoudlers and walking stiff are a couple of the symtoms.

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