Once again the stock is fed and no cows are calving and needful of assistance. Probably 10 to 12 inches more snow. That makes over 3 feet in the last two weeks and all the dams were full and the creeks were running when this cycle started. I am sure there are a lot of tired ranchers and their families from trying to save newborns and get all the feeding done in this last blow. It is April and we are in calving season in South Dakota. Life goes on.

With all this wonderful moisture you’d think we would be assured of a great year. Strangely -or not- we could still have a dry year and a drought. South Dakota. The land of infinite variety, indeed.

One thought on “4/5/09

  1. Those South Dakota spring blizzards are something! I’ve seen some bad ones, some even in May! Hopefully, that won’t happen since you’re getting walloped in April. We got the tail end of it here with lots of rain and then some snow after midnight. Some lost electricity but I was okay. Thank you Kankakee Valley REMC. Just down the road where Northern Indiana Public Service takes over the electric service, they had none. Now, it’s cold, clear and windy. Due to warm back up to normal by Wednesday.

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