And it continues….

I went out about 5:30 and it was just starting to get enough light to kind of see. Cows and babies are all humped up on the downwind sides of fences in the corrals. Wind is blowing a little harder now out of the north northeast. Supposed to taper off this evening. Sure glad I got everything fed good yesterday.

10 am UPDATE:

Just came in from checking. Enduring. Everything is waiting and enduring, tho some of the cows and at least one horse vocalized their impatience with this storm . I tried to put some pictures on here but it won’t work. Maybe later.

6:40 pm UPDATE:

Just came in. Got everything fed. Wind is still blowing about 20 mph but is out of the north northwest and not snowing, so I fed the cows out across from the house and the horses alongside the west side of the blue shed. Still two calves in the corral waiting for their mom’s. But they are fine. I just stuck a rib steak on the broiler. I think I earned it. Supposed to blow tomorrow also, so maybe Cindy won’t get home. She may want me to come get her. We will see! Chance needs to go get groceries so maybe he will drive her home.

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