Okay kids….

Heres one of the latest. Got another I’m working on but not too happy with it yet. Let me know what you think, if you haven’t already.

Cowboy Poets?

I don’t know nuthin’ about cowboys
all I know is horses and cattle
There ain’t no time to go to poetry events
I’m too busy with the daily battle

Of makin’ a living with livestock
on that little piece of ground right there
It ain’t too much, but it’s all we got
and we are always plumb happy to share

right now that’s a piece of my mind
tho’ I bet most don’t want to hear it
danged if I understand how you can be a cowboy poet
when you don’t know the smell of cow …………manure.

Robert Dennis  4/1/09

4 thoughts on “Okay kids….

  1. Robert,
    I sent this tongue in cheek smart-assed response to CowboyPoetry.com but it’s not something that they were enthusiastic about posting. I ran across your blog recently and have added it to my favorites list.
    Tom Nichols
    Corvallis, Oregon

    “Put your money where your mouth is.”
    I think Robert tried to say.
    At least that was my take
    On his poem the other day.

    He says, you’re not a cowboy
    Unless you know the smell.
    And implies the rest of us
    Should go straight to Hell.

    Well, has he ever been to Garden
    After a summer thunder shower?
    When those feedlots are stinkin’,
    By God, they got some power.

    Those Kansans will tell you,
    While trying to be funny,
    “Honyock, ’round these parts,
    That’s the smell of “money”.”

    Which brings me to my point,
    It’s all I’ve got to say.
    Put your “money” where your mouth is.
    And do it every single day.

  2. Very good Tom! No, I’ve never been to the feedlots around Garden City, if that is what you are talking about. I was at Greeley years ago. And feedlot cowboys are cowboys. Slightly different variation, but still cowboys. Do you work at one or did you?

    Glad you like the blog. Makes my day when people tell me they enjoy it!

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