Warmer weather and winds have turned this ranch into a skating rink! Man, it is slippery out there. When I drove the team and wagon up to feed today, I walked alongside so as to get some exercise and it was the pits. Slipped and slid and finally gave up and rode on the wagon. At least the team have non slip shoes on so it doesn’t bother them much as long as there isn’t snow balled up on their feet. Now I know why they used to use long caulks on the winter shoes.

Supposed to stay in the 40’s and 50’s most of this week. Maybe it will soak a little of this ice into the ground. I see we have water standing in the road ditches. Probably have water running in the next day or two.

5 thoughts on “Ice!

  1. The way the wind is blowing, it should be there any time now! But it is blowing from the northwest, so I suppose it’s hitting a little south of you.

    Take heart, spring is just around the corner!

  2. What kind of traction devices do you put on your horses shoes? When I lived in Alaska I would use “drill-tek”, chunks of tungsten in a brass matrix. Also used pads to keep the snow from packing in their feet and balling up.


  3. had a strange dream two nights ago, JB (before i saw this post) — seems a fellow i don’t know (the “hero” of the dream) was in need of horses, and quick. this guy and i were in some big house on a high ridge overlooking a deep ravine with a river running through it (not a huge river, so it was frozen over) and he needed to make a quick escape. we slipped out behind the house and looked down the ravine — lo and behold, his friends were pushing horses right up the ravine, on the ice! we scrambled down the steep wall of the ravine to meet them.

    the horses were being pushed hard, and were slipping and sliding around. suddenly dad’s mule, polly, comes barreling toward us, sliding and spinning, with ears back. as she slides past us, she pirouettes with perfect timing and sends her two hind hooves straight at the hero’s face — and at that moment i woke up!

    clearly polly didn’t like running on ice, and clearly, she knew this fellow was the reason she had to. never seen such a display of “mule-fu”!

    driving critters through a ravine on river ice — hmm …

  4. Allen, these have borium. I am not sure what it is, but it comes in sticks and hardens the shoe and doesn’t slip on ice. You build up a very tine mound of it at heel and toe. Also used Aztez in the past, more like what your stuff sounds like. Wish we had put pads on as the snow does ball up; and then the boriuom does no good.

    Jim, you have got to lave off the jalapeno peanut butter mayo sandwiches in the evenings! 🙂

    Bet Polly would be good at mule foo!

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